My First Blog

ImageHey everyone!! I go by Ashley. A little bit about myself; I am a 17 year old freshman who graduated highschool in three years rather than four, I came from Dallas before I moved to Denton so it wasnt a huge move or anything, my favorite color is pink and I was originally born in Belgium, Europe. I LOVE volleyball, it is and will always be my favorite sport. I’ve played ever since I can remember. My favorite player is Destinee Hooker, she graduated for UT Austin in 2009, played for the USA team and is simply amazing. I live with my brother and we are both commuters. As for parents my mother is everything, she lives in North Olmstead, Ohio with her husband. I love life and I live it to the fullest. Other than that I am a typical teenager just as most of you are. I look forward to learning more about you all. Byeee!(: